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10JNEX900 10JNHF600 20JNEH1200 JFE川崎硅钢 超级铁芯 JFE Super Core




Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheets

JFE G-CORE is so manufactured as to possess a well-aligned crystal orientation to the rolling direction.

Therefore, it has superior properties such as high permeability, low core loss and low magnetostriction.

JGSD is core material with fine magnetic domains subdivided by grooves formed by electrolytic etching and is ideal with its low iron loss both in wound core and stacked core applications.

JGSE is non-heat resistant magnetic domain-refined material suitable for stacked core applications.

Used mainly for power transformers and distribution transformers as well as for large rotating machines, JG, JGH, JGS, JGSD and JGSE CORE contribute greatly to improving the efficiency of machines and to reducing their weight.

Grades and Specifications

Core loss values are to be specified at either 50Hz or 60Hz and 1.7T.

Magnetic flux density values are to be specified at 800A/m.

Typical Electrical and Magnetic Properties


取向硅钢:  GT-050/GT-080/GT-100 / 23JGSD080/23JGSD085/23JGSD090/23ZDMH80/23ZDMH85/23ZDMH90
无取向硅钢:10JNEX900/10JNHF600/15JNSF950/20JNEH1200/20JNEH1500 / ST-050/ST-100/ST-150

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